We are looking for Pickers & Packers to join our team.

Salary: R 8700 – R 12800 – PER MONTH

Duties :

1. Mark and label containers, container tags, or products

2. Measure, weigh, and count products and materials.

3. Examine and inspect containers, materials, and products in order to ensure that packing specifications are met.

4. Record product, packaging, and order information

5. Assemble, line, and pad cartons, crates, and containers 6. Pack packages and waybills according to instructions.

Requirements 1. Demonstrating verbal and written communication skills 2. Being able to stand for long periods of time and lift heavy objects. 3. able to work as a team member with a wide variety of people in the supply chain.

To apply send CV’s to operations.freightforce@yahoo.com

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